Making your product stand out seems hard in a squeezed market, full of competitors all looking for the edge. The internet is a global market where people can shop locally or globally. To grab people’s attention, you need to have strategies that are on point. Try these fun, innovative ways to attract people to your business and blow the competition away.

Know Your Niche

If you don’t know your niche, you’ll lose customers (fast). The internet is full of potential customers, but you still must grab their attention. Market to everyone if you want to be successful. Even with all your market research and ideas, you must know your niche, but keep it open to everyone else that may not fall right inside that category.

Generate Leads

Email marketing is still the best way to generate leads. Don’t bother sending out a generic email to everyone on your list. Get a solid e-marketing strategy that targets people who want to read what you’re putting out there. Personalization goes a long way in a culture that is flippantly trying to attract everyone’s attention for their products and services. If you aren’t doing it already, be sure to automate emails. This can boost revenue over 300%. Segment your mailing list, craft emails, and watch the increased revenue flow in.

Content is King

If you don’t know it already, startups need a huge boost to get attention in the current saturated market. When you look at content, you must think about how people will view your business over others. The first thing people look for is visual content. This means images, videos, and memes will be the first thing to grab attention. Video content is always the best to include as it increases organic traffic over 150%. For every dollar, content marketing generates 3x the leads than paid advertising.

Go Non-Traditional

Social media is still hot online for attracting attention, but some of the old sites are becoming passé. If you want to grab people’s attention, look for less traditional spaces in social media platforms. Give Quora and Reddit a go before trying just traditional spaces. If you want to find your niche, go where nobody else is going and pioneer the movement. Be a leader and authority in your industry if you want to have your startup stand out.

Deepen Relationships

Being online is great, but it has nothing over networking in person. Don’t be afraid to get out there and shake some hands and influence people. You will miss out on huge profit if you don’t get outside your comfort zone and start meeting people in person. The sales journey is about knowing your product and brand. The next time something is offered, and they already saw your site, or met you, they are more likely to buy from that site. It costs 5-6 times more to get a new customer than retain an existing one. Loyal customers are worth 10x more after their first purchase. They will also tell their friends and family about it if they love it and begin to share it around.

The best thing any startup can do is think creatively and innovatively about how they want to reach their target audience. Your marketing strategies mean the difference between gaining a customer or struggling to find your audience. Don’t be afraid to reach out to consultants for help with marketing, but always try to think about who you’re reaching and ways to think outside the box that will bring them in to close the deal.

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