Not every company is on board with outsourcing their training, workload, and sales jobs. The way of small businesses now is to maximize growth while minimizing overhead costs. The best way to do this is to outsource at least some of the work to keep people in-house who do the heavy-lifting and create space for outsourced professionals to do other jobs that build the bottom line and expand growth without costing extra capital. Building a pipeline is more complicated than making calls and closing deals. Without converting those leads to prospects, there is little hope for building sales. One way to do this is to consider outsourcing your B2B appointment setting to keep the flow going and maximize potential leads. Find out why this is important and how to get started on this pathway in your business.

Save Time

Nobody likes to think their employees are wasting their time on tasks that are not helping the bottom line or driving growth. Reps need to be out selling and closing deals, not massaging prospects and making sure their every whim is catered to. Professional appointment setters get the fine art of appointment setting and making sure leads get the right attention they deserve. Once they vet the potential prospect, they can determine if they are ready to talk sales or are not yet ready to take the leap. Working with a full-service telemarketing firm with a dedicated team can help build those appointments out, qualify leads, and set the trail blazing for those account reps to nail down those sales.

Dirty Data

Don’t let sales reps walk into a meeting where they discover the lead is not ready to buy. Reps often need time with clients to know their needs, desires, and aspirations. Without asking the right questions, they can’t legitimize the lead and close the deal. A full-service B2B telemarketing firm is dedicated to your account and moves leads through and prepares prospects for that first meeting with the rep to make it go more smoothly. This means having the right data that compels and drives people to want to work with your company. Bad or ‘dirty’ data clutters up the process and clogs the pipeline with incorrect information. Sales reps need information about why that person wants to speak with sales and be sure they are ready to dive in. It starts with:

  • Asking good questions
  • Qualifying leads
  • Using a full-service firm to manage data with the tools and training
  • Matching and merging lists
  • Prioritizing data based on current customer list

Outsourced professionals can make sure this all happens in a timely fashion and creates capacity to drive better sales growth in the end.

Clogged Funnel

Whether it is in the kitchen or in business, a clogged funnel is going to back up the process. You cannot bake using a funnel that is clogged and you cannot expect to close a sale if your process isn’t squared away. Leads who sit too long at the top may go elsewhere. Professional appointment setters build a relationship, move prospects through the pipeline, and understand time is of the essence to get them on one side of the funnel or the other. They can determine fitness for the product, identify pain points, and qualify them to see if they are ready to speak with sales reps. This helps eliminate some steps for the sales team and support their goal of closing the deal quickly and efficiently.

The last thing you want to do as a small business is cut the wrong corners. Don’t force the sales team to do more than what is needed to create growth for the company and do their main job of selling. With dedicated appointment setters in-house, you might spend more money on overhead instead of create space for outsourced opportunities. Appointment setters can deliver on service and help you design the services you want up front, save on overhead costs, and ultimately deliver on sale that drive growth. Don’t cheat yourself by trying to do too much. Look to outsourced professionals who can bring it all home without costing you more money in the process.

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