Content marketing is not for dummies. Target customers know exactly what they want, and they are willing to pay for it (eventually). A business can increase their brand across many social media platforms, but they need a strategy. Traffic can be directed to a business’ website thanks to SEO-driven content if the content is right. With more companies looking at content marketing, it is important to know what customers want and how to get it. This guide will help a company get started on mastering content marketing skills.


The use of images is ubiquitous these days. The challenge for a business is to make it stand out. Infographics are a great, powerful tool for communication. Used effectively, they can help sell products, drive customers to sites, and propel them to action. A call-to-action in the infographic can bring attention to a much-needed campaign. Contract illustrators or graphic designers can work a brand into the graphic for just the right touch. Brand consistency is key, so make sure to hire good contractors or have an inside employee do the work.

Website or Blog

Online content is king in the current saturated market. Websites help bring customers to the site, but blog content drives the content home. What customers want should be outlined in the blog. If a client is looking to learn how to decorate a tree for the holidays, they might want some tips. A website is not going to have all the info, but a blog within the website can bring them to the site (where other products are sold) and detail other items for sale within the blog. This builds brand recognition, drives SEO capabilities, and builds customer satisfaction. The most efficient marketing tactic is to target customers. It is a good idea to hire a copywriter who knows how to build content with the right words and SEO content. Research keywords related to the brand and include them for better search engine optimization.

Pin it to Win It

Even though Pinterest seems outdated to some (been around awhile), it is still a powerful marketing tool. Companies and businesses just need to know how to use it effectively. There are over 250 million subscribers who don’t pay for most of the content. There are ways to drive people to a blog or website to purchase content or goods. Influencers, companies, and others are using the platform more than ever in this image-driven social media world. Here are some helpful tips for utilizing Pinterest:

  • Share products and photos with just enough info to make them curious
  • Use ‘tags’ to create visibility
  • Share content from social media sites so when they click, it brings them directly back
  • Link some call to action for each pin
  • Use images that drive people to the site (make sure it is relevant and interesting)

Knowing the keywords people use on Pinterest takes time and energy. It might mean hiring a social media coordinator who can research and push content to the next level. It is worth spending a little money to hire a contractor to build a business later.

Why People Need Creative Content

The same old words and phrases get boring after a while. In the early days of internet, it took millennia to load images. Most blogs were not using images, just words. In those days, people read a lot of content, but it was not linked to an e-commerce site of any kind. That came later, which now drives the current e-commerce world online. Creative content outlines and defines a company’s strategy. Make it stick with the right words and key images, and a business can have a strategy that sticks. In this ever-evolving online world, it is important to stay up-to-date with trends and utilize them effectively to grow business and stay relevant. Don’t underestimate the power of effective brand marketing and image-driven content to make your content king.