Are you a small business owner who has purchased targeted data? Or have you considered purchasing targeted data? While permission based, inbound marketing can drive some great results and growth for your business, don’t be ignorant to the fact that purchased data can also help improve and target your sales and marketing efforts. When you buy a B2B or B2C prospect list, you can see a real return on your investment.

For too long, purchased lists have been categorized as spam. The fact of the matter is, smart business owners understand that purchasing industry-targeted email lists is one of the most cost-effective ways to dramatically accelerate lead generation growth. Here’s a look at some reasons why buying B2B and B2C prospect lists are a good idea.

Expanding Your Reach

Do you have the right amount of market penetration? When you acquire a new email list, you’re expanding your potential customer base. The more people that receive your marketing message, the more potential leads that generates for your business.

Improving Deliverability

All data gets old. This is especially true of email addresses where there can be high turnover. Buying an updated prospects list will cleanse the data you have, so when you actually email potential customers, your emails are not going into their junk mailbox. This improves your over deliverability, and buying a new list can drive positive conversions to your email marketing efforts.

cost return

Improving Customer Acquisition Cost Returns

Do you agree that when you email a prospective customer who is already interested in your products or services, that they are more likely to buy from you? That is what you’re getting when you buy a well-researched prospect list. It will not only improve your ROI, but also accelerate your rate of return.

Freeing Up Your Resources

Of course, you can build your own list of industry related contacts, or potential customer contacts. But that is probably not an efficient use of your time. Leave it to the professionals to do the work for you. A purchased prospect list gives you a head start on the lead generation process. This way, you free up your time and resources to focus on closing leads, not acquiring them.

Profile Analysis 

You can conduct customer surveys on your website. You can collect the data of people who choose to sign up for your newsletters. But none of that will provide you with all the information your business really needs, which is profile analytics. Demographics can help you understand the prospects you’re reaching out to, and that in turn can help you develop targeted content strategies. This ensures you’re reaching the right person more times than not.

Buying data should be considered an investment. It is a smart investment, if you’re looking to generate more B2B or B2C leads. However, an email list is only worth your money if it contains quality contacts. Do your research before you buy one. A reputable data provider should also be able to provide a guarantee of accuracy. If you end up buying a non-targeted list, that will not get you any return on your investment.

Furthermore, merely buying a list will not be a magic wand that will solve your problems. You can’t convert promising leads without a solid marketing strategy. But with a targeted campaign, a purchased email list can open up a world of marketing opportunities, and your business can see benefits in more ways than one.

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