There are a couple of ways to put together and execute a marketing campaign that will turn prospects into customers and customers into brand advocates: You can do it yourself or you can hire an agency to do it for you.

In either case, there are various essential steps that are critical to the success of a marketing campaign.

Conduct Proper Research

Before anything, learn. That requires proper manual research before you start developing your campaign. Researching the types of campaigns that have been already performed this year and have gained success in the vertical will save time and money in the long run. You don’t need to re-invent the wheel to develop a campaign that will engage your target audience. Considering your expenses on resources and the total time spent on this, upfront research is mandatory.

Know Your Audience

What you know about your prospect market and understanding their preferences is another research-driven process. Buyer personas, or illustrations, of ideal users based on market research and known information about existing customers is crucial to developing the right message and delivering it where they are. Hitting the target is possible only when you know their behaviors—where they get their information, when they are there, and when they are open to marketing messages. Knowing your customers’ preferences makes your campaign more predictable.

Make a Concrete Plan

Say you want to create, launch, and build a following for a new website. It’s more than just “build it and they will come.” Your plan must include a promotional calendar, data about the target audience, email templates, your goals, your budget, various tools, and segmenting the phases including pre-launch, post-launch, etc.

Acquire Some Support

Buzz cannot be created single-handedly. Get some support in the form of strategic partners who are willing to help before the campaign goes live or during the time of the launch and even after its live session is over. You want to build a support team to help capitalize the campaign, recruit sponsors, and generally offer help, encouragement, and guidance to get the campaign off to a strong start and to keep it going.

Create Impact

A clear and concise path is the foundation of a marketing campaign that raises your brand profile and drives consumer engagement with it. This outline is intended as a sketch in broad strokes of the elements that are essential to a successful marketing campaign.