All the sales and marketing services you will ever need

Deployed to maximize results

Sales Maven’s impressive arsenal of sales and marketing services, planned and carefully coordinated by experienced specialists helps deliver value to your customers and prospects.


At the heart of your engagement with us. We create an initial Service Strategy Map to create the results you want. We then create a content strategy that is reviewed by a strategist monthly who evaluates its effectiveness based on your goals and KPIs.


Research is an ongoing activity at Sales Maven. We begin by doing research to determine your ideal customer profile to develop qualified lead lists.

Sales list building

We build lists monthly to deliver market qualified leads through outbound email marketing.

Market qualified leads

We generate a set number of market qualified leads monthly depending on how much new business you can handle monthly and the rate at which you can close them.

Landing pages

We develop landing pages to find Marketing Qualified Leads for you.

HR support

We provide HR support to align sales and market functionality by identifying and helping you fill in gaps to reach your goals.

Sales support

We provide inside and outside sales support, account management and customer service support based on what you need to achieve your goals.

Sales scripts

Sales and email marketing scripts are aligned to ensure the message you are putting out to prospects and customers is consistently telling your story and adding value.


We help you start and/or align your CRM to the KPI’s we seek to achieve.

Email marketing

We activate outbound and inbound email campaigns to entice prospects and nurture established relationships.


We help you develop blogs, newsletters, videos, webinars, podcasts and help place your content to increase your visibility in the places your prospects and customers are most likely to frequent.

Social media marketing

We amplify your engagement by developing strong communication channels through social media.

Influencer marketing

We build influencer lists (podcasts, speaking opportunities/conferences, guest post etc.) that are in tune with your audience and KPIs.

SEO on-page

At the heart of our service, is authentic organic traffic building.

It requires both On-page and Off-Page SEO to achieve keyword rankings that will result in meaningful outreach from prospects, partners etc.

Our On-Page work focuses on optimizing content on your website for crawlability and indexability.

SEO off-page

Our Off-Page SEO will drive awareness and referral traffic to your site from other sites.

Every service enhances your value proposition and resonance with customers and prospects