In business, you get what you work for. However, that doesn’t mean that you achieve all your business related goals by simply working hard. You have to work smart and be strategic too. Whatever your business is about, you have to build a brand, whether it’s for yourself or for your products and services. It is essential that you find ways to stand out in comparison to your competition and establish authority in your field. Read on to find how to create an impact.

Make It Personal

Once you’ve decided to get out of obscurity, the first step is to start telling your story. People buy into people. Making it personal means that you have to become a master in selling yourself and your expertise. There are ways of doing that, like hosting a blog, publishing articles or even writing a book.

Let’s start with blogging. It’s a great way to connect with your target audience all the while increasing traffic to your website and establishing yourself as a subject matter expert. New posts at least twice week will keep your customers engaged. Publishing articles is another way to share your opinions and gain exposure to a larger audience. Don’t limit your writing to just your website. You can write for as many online outlets and print publications as you can. Finally, consider writing a book. A book is considered the ultimate authority because authors are perceived as experts. This could create speaking opportunities as well have be something tangible to show new clients.

Host Online Events

It’s pretty easy to start hosting online events. Starting an online radio show is an option if that appeals to you. Host a podcast. Create a YouTube channel and put up videos on it. Webinars are a great way to start building up your credibility. You could start out doing them for free, and then charge a fee when you’ve gathered a following of regular attendees. Make sure that you have original content that will be valuable to your audience. You could even invite a series of guests over a period of time, so your audience looks forward to hearing from someone new and learning something different. Tools like Eventbrite are good resource for hosting online events.
Becoming leader
Become A Leader

There are many ways to become an influential leader in your field. You could join a related trade organization and offer to volunteer with them. Or you could start your own. Find people in your field and start a networking group that meets periodically. You will be known as the architect behind the outfit. Invite others from outside your field to hear you speak. Ultimately, this grows your visibility and your business.

Get Third Party Endorsements

Also known as PR. Endorsements by a third party build your credibility, since people are naturally inclined to give more weight to what someone else says about you, rather than what you claim. PR is not limited to hiring marketing agencies. Think about asking your clients to write testimonials for you on your website and LinkedIn. The word of mouth generated advertisement will be the best free publicity you ever get.

Maximize Your Customer Service Potential

Having great customer service is the easiest way is the easiest way to get positive attention from your first time customers, and convert them into long term customers. It will also make them your free advertising campaign. Customer service is more than just a flattering sales approach, it means getting back to customers when they try to reach you, and engaging with them on social media or through your website. The customer experience begins with customer service.

Claim Your Expertise – You can call yourself an expert, but a better option might be to create a catchy tagline for yourself that explains what you do. It’s important to let people know what you have to offer, and this messaging should be consistent across your website, social media profiles, business cards, and marketing material.

Form Strategic Alliances

One way to reach a bigger audience is to connect with others who already reach your audience and find ways you can work together. When someone else introduces you to their networks, that endorsement can lead to immediate sales. You can cross-promote each other in your newsletters, co-sponsor an event, or just agree to send each other referrals.

Whatever methods you use, it’s important that you find ways to set yourself apart from your competition. Consider what makes you unique and then figure out how to build that into your overall brand. Challenge yourself by trying new and different things. You’ll quickly learn what works for you and what doesn’t, and you’ll become a actual expert in the process.

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