If you’ve never heard of vision casting, 2024 would be the time to put it to work.

Why? Because it is a platform for driving success. Basically, vision casting is the result of a process intended to inspire and motivate your team to commit to overarching goals throughout the year.

Try these steps to articulate your business’ vision cast.

Determine Purpose and Value 

Is the purpose of a business, a retail music store, for instance, to sell instruments? Is its value to sell them at a reasonable cost and provide value-adds such as free repairs for the first year? That’s certainly necessary for business success but insufficient for an effective, inspiring vision cast. The deeper purpose and value might be enabling creative expression and enriching the lives of musicians, their fans, friends, and family. Vision casting integrates the heart, feeling and emotional elements with the practical aspects of growing your business through sales and service.

Get Buy-in 

Treat your employees as partners in your vision cast. Motivation can’t be dictated. Encouraging your team to commit to the big picture—the inspiring purpose and value—will incentive them to invest in success. Of course, you’re still the boss and the buck stops with you. Still, giving your employees some ownership in the development and execution of the vision cast is a powerful motivator.

Understand Your Customer and Market 

Align your vision to your business realities. For instance, if 80% of your market is local middle grades and high school students, sharpen your focus on the higher mission of serving them. If you want to expand into selling to major-market orchestras, by all means include that in your vision cast, but keep it subordinate to your core constituency. Know your audience. Here’s a great place to give your business partners/employees some ownership in the process. They deal with them day in and day out. Once you know who they are, market to them. Communicating your vision for students might include marketing on Instagram and TikTok. LinkedIn is a powerful social media channel for connecting with accomplished professionals. If your business serves a more local marketplace, seek out marketing/advertising vehicles that effectively cater to your local audience.

Map It Out 

Seeing is believing, so make your “vision” visible. Develop action plans, metrics for success, achievement mile markers and short- and long-term goals. Document everything and share the final product with your employees/business partners. Pro tip: Review progress with your team regularly and celebrate the wins. That which gets rewarded gets repeated.

Adapt, Adapt, Adapt

You can plan the plan but not the results. Business does not operate in a straight line, so be ready and sufficiently flexible to adapt your vision to changing market conditions. If you’re too rigid, you may continue down a path that is either unachievable or detrimental to your business. For example, part of your initial plan may include remerchandising and increasing sales of saxophone accessories. However, after a few months, you find that clarinet accessory sales are up 20% while saxophone accessory sales are down 5%—even after promoting them more heavily. Adapt. Shift your focus with market demand and trending sales. With vision casting, your eye is always on the bigger picture.

Think of vision casting as part business plan and part marketing strategy with you as the motivator and cheerleader. By laying out purpose and value, and fortifying it with clearly defined and measurable, achievable goals, you’ll be able to translate vision into success.