Nobody ever said startups were easy. That is why managing budgets, hitting deadlines, and meeting those goals is so key to turning a startup dream into reality. The digital age is both good and bad for startups. There is a lot of access to information, people, and business out there. With the internet, there is also a lot more competition for business amongst startups. It takes quick thinking and strategizing to keep startup marketing on point. Try these strategies to help give that startup business a boost and kick it into high gear.

Use (Don’t Abuse) Social Media

Everyone is using social media, from mommy bloggers to established businesses, and, of course, startups. The challenge becomes how to utilize it in a way that doesn’t cross the line as borderline offensive. Nobody wants to see posts every ten minutes clogging their feed. No matter how good the info, it will turn people off with one click. Some tips to help get some clicks:

  • Create, share, and post content regularly on social media (no more than 3-5 posts per day)
  • Get a solid strategy down before starting work on social media
  • Study competitors to see what content they create to market services or products

Know SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique social media users must know to be successful in business. It grants a high-ranking placement in search results pages like Google and Yahoo. Certain keywords that relate to products and services need to be built into the webpage so everyone can find them. SEO is part of advanced digital marketing strategies. Don’t get left in the dust. Be sure to start developing an SEO plan or hire out a contractor to support getting that started.


Social media is all about influencers now. Anyone out there blogging, Instagramming, or tweeting with lots of followers may have lots of influence over who sees their content. This is one of the more affordable options for marketing strategies. It is like word-of-mouth, only online. To build a brand, the influencer engages their followers by posting about your business, products, and services.

Digital Advertising

Promote business online with great platforms that promote the services and products available. It is like a billboard that carries ads of the business. In digital advertising, it helps to use strategies that deliver the message through search engine advertisements, emails, social media banner ads, and affiliate programs.

Do It Like MTV

Back in the day, MTV was known for its music videos. They were Avant Garde and influencing other channels to start doing the same. It changed music videos forever. Think about how people see ads online. Pictures and video content are what either draw people in or push them away. A short, quick, attractive clip can give people a snapshot of what the business is about and how it can serve their needs. Adding video content makes the start-up seem more significant, relevant, and top-of-their-game. Make sure to add relevant keywords into the video description for an SEO boost.


A successful startup takes work and commitment. It is not an easy job to fight against competition online. With some digital marketing strategies in place, it is easier to be seen and heard above the noisy digital landscape. The biggest thing to consider is whether outside consultants can help with the implementation of a successful strategy. Sometimes they can come in and lay out a strategy that helps kick the company from startup to success story. There is nothing more challenging than walking into work wondering how to bring those customers in who are out there. It is worth investing the time and energy to see whether this is a good strategy to employ or whether it is worth checking into how to do the work without paying for a consultant. In the end, the results will speak for themselves as to what strategy works best. It will take some time to see what works and it helps to be flexible as seasons and time shifts with what people want, but a solid strategy sets a good foundation to begin.

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