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We listen to your
goals, intently

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In our first call we will spend time learning about you and your business. We want to understand what help you need to achieve your growth goals and what is standing in your way from achieving them at present. We will also discuss what budgetary resources are available to achieve them. 


We will do our
research, thoroughly

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 After our first conversation, we will develop a 9-month project plan to help you achieve your growth goals based on your present needs, service offerings and budget. Designed in 90-day sprints, leveraging analytics, our expertise and best practices, we will help you efficiently move towards achieve the growth outcomes you seek.


We’ll give you a plan to achieve your goals

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On our second call, we will review our project plan with you which will be driven by metrics to be evaluated, realigned and reset every 90 days. Our ‘learn, prototype, test, improve, expand, repeat’ process ensures we achieve outcomes through consistent evaluation, testing, rapid prototyping at an affordable price for growth.

You’ll find us friendly, professional, and dedicated to your success

“Sales Maven has been extremely helpful to my business. User engagement and satisfaction have increased. They developed a marketing strategy, branding, email marketing campaigns, and webinars. Agile and flexible company. Great service and great people. Thank you for all the hard work!”

Max Stolyarov, CTO, Property Tax Fox

“We developed an app Sales Maven helped us bring to market and develop a predictable process for getting Market Qualified Leads that close.”

Jan Moller, Aratag

“We launched a new product with Sales Maven’s help and went from 0 to 250K in year 1. Thanks Sales Maven!”

Lisa Canning, SeriO

“We launched an Ambassador Program with Sales Maven and were able to almost immediately find 100% increase in margin and a new channel to market.”

Emiliano Gonzalez, Director of Marketing, Gonzalez Reeds

“Sales Maven helped us develop comprehensive digital marketing content across email, social media and blog content in a matter of six months is quite a feat. We’re ecstatic with the response rates we’re seeing from clients, peers and prospects.”

Karen Kaplan, Forge Brandworks

“We have experienced sky-high email open/click-thru rates of 46.82% and engagement through comments and shares. Thanks Sales Maven!”

Ron Farnum, Founder, Damen Jackson

“Within 6 months, organic visitors were up by over 75% thanks to Sales Maven.”

Carolyn Nussbaum, The Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company

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Our first meeting is a time for us to get to know each other, so we will be asking you a series of substantive questions, and you should ask your own. This will take about 60 minutes.

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