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What you can expect when we talk…

In 60 minutes we can give you valuable advice, for free, with no obligation.


We listen to your goals, intently

All businesses are different and we want to understand exactly what you want to achieve, before we suggest anything. We’ll ask a few key questions about your organization, target customers, and your sales and marketing objectives.


We explain what Sales Maven can do

We have a wide range of marketing services and specialists in each area. We can explain which services would work best for you and how our experienced people can work happily alongside your own staff to get things done.


We'll give you a plan to achieve your goals

We’ll customize each of the services you need and show you where each one begins in a project plan for the year. When you’re ready to grow your business, we’ll put your in touch with our specialists, and get started.

You’ll find us friendly, professional, and dedicated to your success

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Our first meeting is a time for us to get to know each other, so we will be asking you a series of substantive questions, and you should ask your own. This will take about 60 minutes.

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