Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication. Today’s storyteller needs a great narrative in order to connect with customers on a deeper level, enabling trust between the buyer and seller. In today’s saturated market, consumers have an onslaught of marketing messages, meaning it is more important than ever before to tell a concise and well-crafted brand story.

Begin Here

The first step in crafting a good brand story is to understand the customer. What do they care about? What emotions do they feel while interacting with your brand? What are their challenges that can be solved with your product or service? These are all things your brand story needs to convey. It is time to tell your story in a way that is persuasive, impactful, and stands out.

Four Tips

When telling your brand story, you must craft a narrative that fits your overall image and corporate objectives. Your story is unique to you—and you must make sure that comes across in your storytelling. Let’s walk through four ways you can achieve this.

First, don’t complicate things.

Perhaps the most important thing is to keep your brand story simple and straightforward. At its core, your brand story should capture what makes your brand unique. Start by focusing on the basics. What makes your brand different from others? What unique benefits do you offer? Identify the client’s need and explain how your solution can fill that need. Keep it short, simple, and to the point.

Second, speak from the heart.

Make sure your story is authentic and relatable. Emotions are in fact a big part of the buying process. Tap into what your customer might be feeling and use that as part of your brand. Just make sure it is genuine and not forced or contrived. A buyer will see right through that.

Third, use visuals, when needed.

Make sure your story is both visual and engaging, as this can help capture what your brand is and does. Video, for example, can make a strong connection with many customers. The reality is many people are visual leaners—especially in today’s world of media. Visuals can help show how a product or service works. It can also help a customer connect with and remember a brand.

Fourth, consider the channel!

Make sure to carefully consider which channels work best for your audience. Yes, channels as in multiple. Make sure you put your brand story to work by getting it out on multiple channels, multiple times. Stories need to be told repeatedly in order to truly resonate, be felt, and remembered.

Today’s storytelling mediums are nearly unlimited. YouTube! Instagram! TikTok! Your website! Other user forums! There are so many options. Perhaps it makes sense to start small and find the right channels where your customers spend the most time.

Test it and see if it works! Check out the analytics (likes, page views, unique visitors, shares, views to completion, user comments)! Are customers engaging with your content? If yes, step your storytelling up on those platforms. If not, try a different channel and maybe even a different message. Your brand can also leverage SEO and retargeting.

At the end of the day, the right message and the right channels are a powerful combination to effective storytelling. Get started with your messaging today!