Do you find it inconceivable to keep up with TikTok trends? We do too!

That’s why we touched base with a few of our favorite musical TikTokers to examine what they’ve been doing and what they enjoy on TikTok.

1. Song covers
It goes without saying but covered versions of songs make up an insurmountable portion of the videos shared and enjoyed on TikTok. They’re popular among soloists, bands, and DJs alike.

Why is that?

Covers reel listeners in due to their familiarity. It’s an otherwise easy and simple avenue to get users to check out your musical talent by using songs they already know and enjoy.

Yes, there’s a large amount of covers circulating on TikTok; however, you can shine through if your covers are above the rest or if you give an interesting take on the songs in question. For example:

  • Jazz themed covers of country music.
  • A classical piano version of a hip hop classic.
  • Acoustic covers of hard rock classics.

On TikTok, you’re only shackled by your personal imagination, musical talent, and skillset.

2. Respond to trends
Even if you dislike current trends and fads in music, they’re the focal point of TikTok. They feed its algorithm and keep the platform turning, always diving into new trends.

If you attempt to be too independent in the face of TikTok trends and march to the beat of your own drum in terms of creating content, you could be forgotten or ignored by users.

3. Post a duet
TikTok’s duet feature is probably one of the most popular aspects of the app. It enables users to make videos that directly respond to other user’s posts. For actual artists, the duet feature gives a way to not only upload a reaction to any given video but personify it by adding your personal take on the original video. Making duets is relatively simple and a proven avenue to reach the fanbase of another user.
Another option: Make a duet challenge for one of your own posts. It will invite your followers to engage more with your own content and get their followers to check it out, and so on.

4. Reply to comments on camera
Another intriguing TikTok feature is the ability to record video replies to comments on your posts.

If a user writes a comment under one of your videos, get the camera on your phone going and make a video reply to the specific comment. It’s a more personalized way to talk to others and could give you the chance to showcase your talent by playing or singing something. Additionally, this is a great way to take song requests from your followers.

5. Share demos
Unsure about what new song you want to release next? You should choose your options with your followers on TikTok and allow them to choose! They are likely a microcosm of your entire fanbase and will be able to decide on the song everyone will enjoy. It can aid in finding the certain song you’d like to put your money behind and headline at your concerts. It cuts down on the risks that come with releasing new music.

6. Make TikTok vlogs
Differentiating your TikTok profile with more individualized day-in-the-life content can help build closer relationships with your fans. It could even help them understand your art more coherently because they understand your lifestyle and personality. Use TikTok’s stitch function to edit together short snippets of your day and post a day-in-the-life video daily, so your fans get a better idea of who you are.

7. Make your videos tell a bigger story
Posting sporadically (but consistently) on TikTok is good for the algorithm. You should take it to the next level and mold your content into more of an exploration of your musical journey. It’s a fantastic way to get people to return to your page because they’ll want to find out what’s happening—and what’s coming up—in your musical career. You might even have the ability to inspire them on their creative journey.

8. Show ‘em how it’s done
Nothing brings fans in like being honest and transparent with them. (Ever heard of Taylor Swift?)

Use some of your TikTok content to show the behind-the-scenes of your life and musical passion. Don’t show just the polished performances. Expand on your creative process. Film and post videos from rehearsals. Offer advice to fans who may be musically driven. You could even include some funny bloopers now and then. It will humanize you and make you more personable to your fans, allowing you to build a closer connection.

9. Go LIVE
TikTok’s Go LIVE feature lets you give live performances over the platform in real time. It can be an efficient way to expand your in-person fanbase into new corners of the app, of the country or of the world. Step it up and provide a question-and-answer session in your livestreams. It will let your fans access your content easier and further discover your interests, what inspires you, and your personal creative process.

TikTok can often seem like a social distancing tool, however going LIVE can be used to bring people together.

10. Share your playlist
A majority of musicians have excellent—or at least quite particular—taste in music.

Sharing with your followers what you listen to with the TikTok algorithm is a simple way to make connections with users who have a similar music taste as you. You can turn those connections into fans and followers of your account. Hook them with music they know that you both enjoy, and then introduce them to your own tracks.

TikTok is much more complicated than most musicians who use it ever come to realize. You owe it to yourself and to your brand to use its capabilities to the fullest to promote and completely expand your music career. After all, It is free!